by Anne


It was only when Galen mentioned that it was September 11th that we realised what day it was and why many flags were flying half-mast. Technology had brought the horror of events as they unfolded that day, right into our living rooms even in South Africa, thousands of miles away. It’s not that similar events around the rest of the world are less horrific, but this day we watched them live; the feelings of helplessness are indescribable!

Even so, life moves on… and our stomachs were growling.

Time for brunch.

It’s the small things in life, you see, that make the big things bearable.

…and this meal had our taste buds in for a treat par excellence!

We were on the road again…

…back across the border; B&G had a plane to catch. It was a late night plane, so we stopped off at the campgrounds where H&I would spend the night. There were sites a plenty available under the massive trees in the Moyie Lake Provincial Park, so we set up camp, took a stroll down to the water, and then headed out again with another quick stop for a flight of a different kind.



It was with a heavy heart that finally there was no denying that the time had come to head for the airport just north of Cranbrook. H&I had to continue our trip on our own now, into the unknown, just the 2 of us, on the right side of the road. We would miss those 2, their company, the excitement of a catch on the fly, the trouble they took over meals both in and out, and their navigation!


May your days in the office be stimulating!

Banff, here we come, ready or not…