a river runs through it

by Anne

[September 2nd]

Today B and G will be fishing on the Blackfoot River, and more specifically the section of the river known as the Blackfoot River Corridor, which is where we are camping. This corridor is a cooperative land agreement between FWP and the private landowners along the river, which allows for excellent access to the river while reducing the impact from its heavy use.

It has the best trout fishing.

The Blackfoot River was made famous by Norman Maclean’s novel “A River Runs Through It” and of course, by the movie of the same name.

map source
We came down the 93 to Missoula and then branched off to find the Blackfoot River Corridor between Johnsrud Park and Russell Gates Memorial. Our campsite is at Corrick’s River Bend, right on the river.


Early morning finds B and G testing the river at the campsite; it is a little too shallow so we set off to find deeper eddies, after which we head into civilisation for sustenance.

0008cCan you spot the fly-fisher-people in the water – the rivers are huge!

Lodgepole pines and lumberjacks of old

Beautiful forests of Ponderosa pines come right down to the river bank


B and G find the most interesting places to eat with the help of their trusty cellphones.0008hI first came upon the term ‘pulled pork’ through my favourite blogger at Corvabella so pulled pork was my choice for sure, with applesauce and slaw as well as tastes of all the other sides ordered by our table – the mix and match thing. I’m sure my pork was not a heritage breed, but it was delicious nevertheless.

Back to the river before winding down around the campfire. It must have been a good day; we are in great spirits.

NICE loop Britt!0008n0008o0008p0008q0008r

Yellowstone here we come…

Thought for today:
“…while the work may not matter from some universal perspective, the doing of it may nevertheless keep us healthy.”