by Anne

[september 1st]

We are heading for Yellowstone National Park. I am not too proud to admit that we are giving Glacier National Park a miss because I read about its road and lost my nerve ahead of time. Instead, we will stop in Missoula where ‘A River Runs Through It’, yes, the very one.


We have allowed plenty of time to get through the border, but to our surprise, a few questions at the checkpoint and a wave of the hand sends us off into the country. Galen and Britt cannot believe our good fortune… but, stay tuned for the next border episode into the States.
A coffee and wifi stop can now be enjoyed in peace, followed by lunch from the drive-thru at none other than the huge M

0007aThese RVs are SO out of our experience as South Africans, that we never quite become accustomed to their size, and quantity, on the road!

Definitely not my heart’s desire though – I’m a simple life girl…

0007c…this simple: a lone camp site on Flathead Lake – heaven IS!


0007iM is for Missoula – note the zig-zag path up. Fortunately there is NO time to linger!

After the Fly Shop Stop and stocking up on beer, we drive out to our campground for the next 2 nights. Britt is checking to see whether the yellow self-registration slip for this our most desirable choice of campsite, dwarfed by these massive Lodgepole Pines (I think), has expired. It has indeed!

No one else experiences the strange screeching during the night, screeching that flits around in what sounds like the treetops. I finally hit upon the idea that it must be owls, screeching owls. Imagine my joy when I find that there are indeed owls by that name to be found in the area. I cannot be sure, though, that the sounds recorded match the sounds I remember. Why that desperate need to label anyhow?