the prize

by Anne

[august 28th]

I am in my element! The crystal clear glacial rivers are beautiful beyond words! The colours keep me spellbound.


Today we head out for the prized Bull Trout. It has a special location on the Wigwam River a short drive out of Fernie. The Wigwam is a protected river which means the road is not well trodden, but we find our way there in good time, gear up and head out. The final destination is a good hour’s walk away.
We dip down to the river along the way a few times to test the waters. Others have beaten us to it, and due to strict fly-fisherman etiquette, we do not linger.


It is a scorcher this day, and just about as we start to wonder whether we have missed the destination, we notice that there is no more track around the bend not far up ahead; we have to push on.

Yes, we have made it!
Galen has hardly wet his boots when a vehicle stops up on the road. Now vehicles are not allowed which means only one thing, an official is checking up on fishing licences.  Even though we know we are all legal, our hearts beat a little faster. After some tricky questioning followed by friendly fishing banter, it is time to cast the lines.


Not 20mins later Galen has a bite. He is beyond excited to find that his catch is none other than his prized Bull. Our day is made!

0005k0005l0005m0005n0005o0005pG and B spot a bear just about now, but when the bear spots them it dashes back under cover before they even manage to attract our attention.
The leaning tree is a spruce, leaning as spruces are wont to do with their shallow root systems.

It is time to head back to the car. It has to be done, at this, the end of the day, all uphill now. One thing keeps us alert, though… those bears! There were many signs in the track out and the ranger too reminded us to be noisy but chilled. As much as we feel fear with every fibre of our beings, it is also with deep disappointment that not a bear was to be seen! Well 2 of us were less disappointed; they had seen one after all!


First things first is an ice cold beer followed by a delicious meal. B and G go to much trouble right through the trip to cook up a storm for us! Thank you guys! My mouth waters still!