a corridor of trees

by Anne

[august 26th and 27th]

B and G cannot escape their Friday afternoon meeting but we are ready to heave the camping bag up on to the car roof when they arrive, and head out soon after along the southern border of British Columbia, destination Fernie. Vancouver to Fernie covers 939km by road.


I am impressed with B and G for negotiating the darkness to find a spot to camp, under a tree laden with apples, in Osoyoos.

Fortunately only much later, while reviewing my long list of places to see, do I find that we were a hop away from Canada’s mysterious Spotted Lake. I am posting links for anyone reading this; should you ever find yourselves there, it is surely a must-see: http://all-that-is-interesting.com/spotted-lake/2 and http://travel.spotcoolstuff.com/…/osoyo…/spotted-lake-klikuk

Next morning we climb out of the valley on the other side of the bustling Osoyoos Lake, stop for provisions at a very enticing farm stall, fuel up (it is all self-service here) and continue along the corridor of trees, through which we drove virtually all the way, to Fernie.

Thanksgiving is in the air, pumpkins abound.


First stop in Fernie is the Fly Shop, only second is the Brewery, after which we are ready to find Fernie Provincial Park to set up camp for the week.


The Provincial Parks are out of this world; campsites are large, each a pod always surrounded by trees stretching forever toward the light. The gravel is compacted on this site; tent pegs need straightening time and again before any success is achieved in anchoring down our flysheets.

Galen pops out for a bit to sample the fishing… tomorrow it is off to find the specials…