by Anne

[august 25th]

I have heard it said that Poutine is to Canada as Sushi is to Japan… with this in mind then, it was top of the list to find ourselves some Poutine!
We set off on foot down the hill across to Laurel Street Land Bridge which the map located in Charleson Park, and soon found ourselves at the water’s edge of the Burrard Inlet and Vancouver Harbour.

Vancouver Harbour! The harbour and waterfront of photos impossible, and here we were, in the flesh, strolling along the water’s edge on a perfect day!

This is Spruce Harbour Marina, owned and operated by the Greater Vancouver Floating Home Co-op (GVFHC) as a cooperative where members can live aboard their vessel.
Why does this appeal to me so much?


Our destination is Granville Island, of which B and G had waxed lyrical. We were not disappointed!

0003fCanada Geese – we see them often, sometimes in huge flocks

Bagels rolled out by the dozen!

We bumped into the fascinating wooden boat festival on the island – ah the good old days

Granville Bridge from the other side

I was NOT looking forward to the trudge home, all uphill, and a pretty steep uphill for the very unfit one… imagine the pride in myself when it occurred to me to weave our way back by walking up one block and then across one block, up one, across one, continued right to the front door. The streets are shady, calm, very beautiful!

The traffic lights for pedestrians, who, by the way, have right of way period! The little man tweets for you to go; the red hand then appears, counting down to persuade you not to dally while you cross.

Food glorious food!
B and G took us always to the most interesting eat out places. First up was The Fish Counter, described best on their website: The Fish Counter was designed by Wendy Taylor with an eye for function, flow, simplicity, and sustainability. The shop features scaffolding planks, hundred-year-old beams, reclaimed farmers’ fence posts, concrete panels, a barn door aged with vinegar and steel wool, and, as its backbone: a beam from the old, iconic Woodwards store.
“I took my inspiration from the Main Street neighbourhood and its history of independent merchants.” – Wendy Taylor

salmon for (South)Africa(ns)
The Fish Counter runs very smoothly indeed and the food was lip-smacking good! Note the ‘Remains’ area – all do-it-yourself from packing in your own takeouts to cleaning away your own remains if you were lucky enough to find a seat at the window.

B and G are avid fly-fishing-people; to this end, preparations were in full swing…

Galen tying extraordinary flies, no mean feat may I add!

Tomorrow we head out…